Once Upon a Hill

JCBs are Nocturnal

Monsters Live Beneath my Bed

The Clock Strikes One

Once Upon a Hill

Once upon a hill top moon
A werewolf tried to touch my tomb
I told him that I wasn't dead
But he reached in and took my head

I felt a fool for saying such
'Cos in a tomb you're out of touch
But fortune smiled; my luck was in
Come full moon I've a hairy chin

J.C.B.'s Are Nocturnal

J.C.B.'s are nocturnal
Their fiery engines are infernal
Late at night they come alive
And stalk their prey in packs of five,

They hang around on every street
Kicking stones and dragging feet
Smoking fags and revving throttles
Drinking cider from the bottles.

Leaving tracks with caterpillars?
Just a game for yellow killers
Chasing old folk from their beds
Knocking buildings on their heads.

J.C.B.'s can chase your car
Making sure you don't get far
Digging holes and pushing rubble
Raising hell and making trouble.

Til the sunrise gives them pain
And brings an ending to their reign
Sheltered on a building site
But they'll be back some other night.

Monsters Live Beneath my Bed

Monsters live beneath my bed
I'd kill them but they are undead
Each time I want to leave the room
I dread they'll take me to my doom

And so I lay asleep at night
I can't reach out to touch the light
For scaly hands may reach and grab
And drag me down, and scrape and scab

The dream I've had has made me think
Of all the things that creep and crink

And breathe so loud when you're asleep
And scare you in your mind so deep

So here I stay within my bed;
While I'm inside the beasts are dead
I won't get out to stop the night
I'll stay here til the morning light

The Clock Strikes One

The clock strikes one
My time is ripe
To peel my skin
And face the night

I haven't cut my nails for hours
It stops the flesh from going sour
My hair is loose just like a wig
My joints are limp - like stones in figs

With just a wriggle and a squeeze
The flaps of skin evade my knees
Their moistened path has quickened so
My head and leg type hairs will grow

I'm lucky that my teeth have kept
Their place below where tears are wept
Although my eyes have fallen out
I'll keep them safe in case of drought

I'd hate my orbs to shrink and shrivel
Thank heaven that my tongue's in dribble
Should either of this trio dry
My conversation soon would die

But though my bits deciduous
May drop off there's still life enough
Come morning I'll be right as rain
Until it's time to shed again...